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“Clarity is not only an aspect of the design, it is the strength behind the message.”

James “Jay” Harris
Owner | Graphic Designer

Jargon, LLC was created from the relentless affirmation that lowering your standards in order to communicate was a disservice to whomever you engage with. The idea behind our jargon is to provide strong design-oriented brand messaging that is relevant, consistent, guided towards clarity, increases exposure and fosters results.
As a result, we provide ground level professionals with the services needed to make an impact within their market presence. By developing a service that uses market research to drive results towards projected outcomes. Producing a service-oriented approach that is uniform, resolute, and directly communicates to your consumer market.

Jargon, LLC uses design to help our customers communicate with their audience. Developing a conversation compiled of simple complexities that enables entrepreneurs to target their audience through the art of visual communication.

To translate an idea into a design that makes a statement, has purpose, and fosters the intended results.

Self-motivated to change the tide, so I used an ore to move about the currents, as my engine was no longer fueled by pride. Making it out of my past, though it wasn’t as troubled as most, was no longer the measure of success that I choose to live by, so now with every stroke of the ore’s pen or mouse I gain an edge. With every door shut I’ve increased my business prowess. Enabling me to become an entrepreneur and flourishing pathfinder that is focused on building key business relationships that fosters growth, through my ability to translate your jargon.

Throughout the execution of our services we implement a process we call Creative 171™. Where we use One idea and  Seven methods of execution to produce One result- Your Brand. Whether it is branding, marketing, or web design the personality of your brand will be implemented into a one of a kind opportunity that fosters growth and generates conversation around your brand.

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A logo alone does not create an effective brand. It is the consistency behind your content, strength within your strategy, and persistency behind the delivery in you’re messaging that provides you with a competitive advantage. Your brand is your promise, as it clearly conveys why your business exists, how your it works and what it can do for your consumers. The logo is just the identity that enables consumers to differentiate your brand from that of your competitors.


Marketing is not just images inconsistently presented to a vague market. It is a plan, a strategy, a personality that gives life to your brand message. It entices & attracts your consumers with consistency, persistency, and guided messaging, introducing them to the products and services that meet their needs. Marketing tells a story throughout the campaign, which derives from market research. Materials such as brochures, letterheads and business cards help to market your business and foster positive results through effective advertising.

Our digital marketing and design uses graphics to convey and translate brand-oriented messaging to your audience. With a combination of design consistency and guided messaging that creates the style behind your customer persona, and enables consumers to follow of your story as they identify with and take part in the culture of your brand.

Web Design

The design of a website is not solely based on the color and aesthetics arranged. Why does your business need it? How will consumers benefit from their visit? What will be the end-result of their visit? Essentially, inferring that focusing on its usability and utility will be the determinants that measure the success or failure of your site. Although, it is essential to stay relevant when it comes to design, you don’t want to lose your audience with an aww of  looks vs the awesome benefit of good content.

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